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As a Medium, Tarot Card Slinger, and Astrology Nerd, I help empower people to live more fulfilling and expansive lives. I delight in exploring the intuitive space together, free from dogma or rigid belief, as an innately human way of understanding and creating our own paths. I was called to develop my intuitive gifts through a period of transformative grief, and now I am grateful to bring a renewed sense of connection and healing to others along their way. I enjoy sharing Tarot and Astrology as tools for insightful discovery, self reflection, clarity, and validation. Through intuitive mediumship, I become my most joyous and authentic self. Thank you for trusting me as your guide into the unknown.


Spirit Mediumship Reading

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You will receive messages of validation, insight, healing, and clarity to empower you along your journey.

60 min


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Astrology Forecast

Astrology Forecast

Useful and applicable astrological insights tailored to your unique cosmic blueprint. Let’s chat about the "astrological weather" and your month ahead.

30 min


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Quickie Tarot Reading

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A laser-focused tarot reading for uncovering clarity and meaning surrounding your questions on any topic.

30 min


Your Birth Chart Reading

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A hyper-personalized Astrology reading to discover clues about your unique inner world, life path, and effects of the current Astrological weather.

80 min


Relationship Astrology Reading

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Explore the Astrological energies at play within a relationship to discover your combined strengths, challenges, and emerging possibilities.

80 min


Birthday Forecast

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A most unique and insightful gift to give yourself or someone you love this Birthday. This package includes a customized printed Birthday Forecast guide, covering an entire year of insights, as well as two supporting video sessions.

Birthday Forecast + 2 Supporting Video Sessions

Birthday Forecast +
2 Supporting Sessions



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Photo of Dhameer T.

“My reading with Travis was one of the best and unique experiences I have had and what I unexpectedly needed for what I was going through. He gave me insight to what I was feeling which led to instant, immense relief along with guidance on what I needed to focus on. In addition, a special message from a loved one came through… it took a few days to piece together and was actually intended for my mom who was in need of this special gift! It was a true blessing filled with love! Thank you Travis!”

Dhameer T.
Photo of Rocky J.

“It’s hard to find the words that’ll help explain how impactful Travis and his work has been in my life. His visions and insights have been instrumental in helping me unlock a deeper part of myself that has been hard to access on my own. They’ve been a guiding light and conduit for much needed healing. I’ve been able to rediscover a world that I’ve once rejected, but can now see with a new set of eyes.”

Rocky J.
Photo of Amanda S.

“Travis has the most gentle presence. Whether it's during a reading or discussing your birth chart, Travis makes it easy and comfortable to connect with the most inner parts of yourself. He does so with such love and tenderness! I am forever grateful for everything Travis has taught me along my journey!”

Amanda S.
Photo of Tami S.

“I received an astrological reading from Travis during a time in which I was struggling to connect to my soul purpose. The report Travis provided was truly a gift. It was thorough and very carefully crafted; I felt as though he knew me better than I knew myself. I’m so grateful for Travis and his intuitive gifts.”

Tami S.
Photo of Rocky J.

“I have had several astrology reports from Travis. They are the best astrological reports I’ve ever received! He is incredibly thorough with his chart analysis and took the time to explain any aspects or house information that I was not familiar with within the reading. He is truly gifted—not just with astrology but also with his intuitive skills. I recommend him all the time!”

Trista L.
Photo of Aaryn N.

“Travis is highly skilled in a variety of intuitive modalities; I have been fortunate to see his tarot, dream work and astrological readings in action. His deep understanding of human emotion lends him a sensitive and nuanced perspective that has helped me navigate my own complicated feelings on several topics. He is very gifted and I’m thankful to have found his services.”

Aaryn N.
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