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How can I prepare for a reading?

It’s best to give yourself a little window of free time beforehand to get centered in your energy and focus on what you’d like to address in your reading. Find a quiet, private, and distraction-free space where you can engage fully in a video call. Then, show up just as you are! Open minds and open hearts make for the best experience.

How will we meet for readings?

All readings are conducted via video chat: through either web browser or FaceTime. Provide your preference at the time of booking, but note that a web browser is recommended for the best experience.

Can I bring a friend to my reading?

At this time, all readings are for one sitter at a time, and remain completely personal and confidential. Let me know if you’d like a complimentary recording of your reading beforehand, so I can set it up.

Why do you need my birth info for Astrology readings?

Astrology readings are centered around analyzing your Birth Chart: a diagram that details the locations of our Solar System’s various planets and objects at the moment you were born. Without accurate information—including the location and time of your birth- readings are nearly impossible. One of the most important parts of a chart comes down to birth time, where deviations can completely change a chart every hour! You may provide details at time of booking, or up to 24-hours before your reading so that I may compile the necessary charts. All information that you supply will remain strictly confidential.

What if I don’t have the exact birth time but I want an Astrology reading?

If you do not have an exact birth time detailed, I can not be sure about the entire layout of your chart and the resulting readings will be disappointingly vague. I encourage you to hunt for that birth certificate, or ask a trusted family member who can reliably remember your approximate delivery time. Relationship readings are slightly less inhibited by knowing the exact time of the other person involved, but will always benefit from providing the most information! You may provide details at time of booking, or up to 24-hours before your reading so that I may compile the necessary charts. All information that you supply will remain completely confidential.

Will I hear anything scary in my reading?

Not on my watch! It is my intention to only share information that will be helpful and supportive, and I have never had access to information that’s outside the bounds of what’s comfortable for a sitter to receive. For your first session, we will explore your history with spirit mediumship or astrology and I will do my best to dispel anxieties and answer any questions you may have.

What if you don't "feel" anything during a reading?

This hasn't happened to me yet, but do I understand the concern a new client may have when booking. I commit to doing my best in every single reading, but will happily offer a refund if the vibe isn’t flowing.

What goes into your pricing?

In addition to the time we will share in a reading, rates account for my off-screen energetic prep and post-reading grounding and cleansing to provide a fair exchange of energy. If you are in need of a spirit mediumship reading but the listed rates are inaccessible to you, please contact me. I can consider rates on a sliding scale based on financial need.

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Please feel free reach out to me for further clarification on anything I do!

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